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EuroTimes is published by the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), Temple House, Temple Road, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland. ESCRS is the leading forum in Europe for discussion, learning and the development of cataract and refractive surgery. Evolution in procedures is the direct result of ophthalmologists teaching each other and learning from each other. The society attracts members from across Europe and the rest of the world and the activities of the ESCRS provide the means and forum for this learning experience. EuroTimes, which is the official news magazine of the ESCRS, circulates to more than 32,000 ophthalmologists in Europe and other territories including the USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

EuroTimes Contacts

  • - Colin Kerr - Executive Editor As Executive Editor of EuroTimes, Colin is responsible for the overall editorial, sales and marketing development of the paper.

  • - Caroline Brick - Marketing Executive As Marketing Manager Caroline Brick is responsible for liaising industry partners on advertising/enduring materials and overseeing the production of the publication.

  • - Conor Ward - Production Editor Conor Ward is Production Editor at EuroTimes working closely with the editorial, sales and design team to ensure the smooth running of the magazine.

  • - Amy Bartlett - Marketing Executive As Marketing Executive Amy is responsible for liaising with industry partners on advertising/enduring materials and project managing the annual Practice Development Meeting.

Medical Editors

  • José Guell Medical Editor
  • Ioannis Pallikaris Medical Editor
  • Clive Peckar Medical Editor
  • Paul Rosen Medical Editor
  • Emanuel Rosen Chairman

International Editorial Board

  • Noel Alpins AUSTRALIA Bekir Aslan TURKEY Bill Aylward UK Peter Barry IRELAND Roberto Bellucci ITALY
  • Hiroko Bissen-Miyajima JAPAN John Chang CHINA Joseph Colin FRANCE Alaa El Danasoury SAUDI ARABIA Oliver Findl AUSTRIA Jack Holladay USA Vikentia Katsanevaki GREECE
  • Thomas Kohnen GERMANY Anastasios Konstas GREECEDennis Lam HONG KONG Boris Malyugin RUSSIA Marguerite McDonald USA Cyres Mehta INDIA Thomas Neuhann GERMANY Rudy Nuijts THE NETHERLANDS Gisbert Richard GERMANY
  • Robert Stegmann SOUTH AFRICA Ulf Stenevi SWEDEN Marie-Jose Tassignon BELGIUM Manfred Tetz GERMANY Roberto Zaldivar ARGENTINA Oliver Zeitz GERMANY

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