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Developing world-class ophthalmologists

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For young and talented ophthalmologists who have completed residency training and are seeking to advance in their profession, the career ladder can seem complex and difficult to navigate. There are many opportunities to advance in the ophthalmic profession, however. More than 350 enthusiastic young ophthalmologists attended ESASO modules in 2013. While over 70 per cent of the participants hailed from Europe, 14 per cent came from Asia, five per cent from South America and four per cent each from the Middle East and Africa.

ESASO believes that the high level of participation in the modules indicates that the quality of tuition and opportunities for hands-on learning under expert direction is internationally recognised. Together, the diverse student body and faculty form the ESASO community, an intercontinental network of knowledge and friendship. This is in keeping with the school’s “Vision of Collaboration”, which sees prestigious universities and hospitals teaming up to develop career paths for talented young colleagues and establish a network of personal bonds throughout the world.


2014 programme

The educational programme in 2014 is covering the entire field of ophthalmology, offering participants the chance to broaden their knowledge in key subspecialties such as orbital, lacrimal and ophthalmic plastic surgery, medical and surgical retina (with advanced and intermediate levels), cornea and corneal refractive surgery and glaucoma. In January, the oculoplastic course directors Ramon Medel and Luz Maria Vasquez focused on concepts related to the eyelid, orbital examination, surgical approaches to the orbit, trauma management, tumours, DRC and C-DRC, aesthetic surgery and midface lifting.

In February, the first course took place on the Lugano Campus. The programme directors, Borja Corcostegui and Bruno Falcomata provided insights into new therapies of non-infectious uveitis, new treatments for proliferative diabetic retinopathy, presented clinical cases on central serous chorioretinopathy, intravitreal anti-VEGF treatment for neovascular AMD, diabetic macular edema, OCT therapies and patient management in retinal vein occlusion.

For the first time, ESASO provided training in the Middle East where two modules on Medical and Surgical Retina were held. The first module, a basic course, took place at the Dubai Hospital where programme director Moza Ali Dekhain taught her colleagues surgical approaches in pneumatic retinopexy, episcleral surgery, vitrectomy, OCT, challenging retinal detachments, clinical cases and proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Live surgeries were conducted by Borja Corcostegui and Marco Mura.

The fourth ESASO module will take place in Tel Aviv in early March. Anat Loewenstein together with Itay Chowers, and Joseph Moisseiev have assembled a first-rate faculty to present information on DME, PDR, VMT, AMD, PCV, RAP, lesions mimicking CNV, CRVO, BRVO, OCT, PPV, PRRD. In addition, panel discussions will be held in order to make the programme more engaging. The module will conclude with Wetlabs and a pipeline showcase. All of these modules have similarities: Leading faculty members exchanging innovative knowledge in an open atmosphere and providing many useful tips on performing surgery. ESASO looks forward to meeting you too!

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