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Books make perfect addition to ESASO education service

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In 2012, ESASO launched the ESASO Course Series – a compilation of knowledge and the essence of ESASO teaching transferred into print. Since then, it has released publications on Medical Retina, Surgical Retina and Cataract Surgery. This year, the series has been extended with a newly launched volume on Optical Coherence Tomography.

Series editors Francesco Bandello and Borja Corcóstegui, select the hottest topics and the best experts for the series. Dr Corcóstegui, president of the ESASO Foundation Board, stated: “The evidence-based books not only contain preparatory and approved learning material for module participants, they also serve as works of reference for established ophthalmologists”.

New launch

Building on the success of the ESASO course on Optical Coherence Tomography held in Lugano last year, a new volume edited by Gabriel Coscas, Anat Loewenstein and Francesco Bandello exploring the recently improved diagnostic technique was published in February 2014.

The introduction covers the equipment and basic techniques and presents the imaging features of various pathological findings in retinal diseases, followed by the outer layers including new modalities for choroid imaging, outer-layer diseases including various types of macular degeneration, retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and vascular occlusion and retina and vitreous interface pathologies.

The book concludes by discussing the practicality of using OCT for the pre- and postsurgical evaluation of the posterior segment and for the differential diagnosis of vitreoretinal diseases as well as in the management of patients with retinal and neuro-ophthalmological diseases.

Upcoming volume

Later this year ESASO plans to release a new volume on Oculoplastic Surgery by Luz María Vásquez and Ramón Medel, and a volume entitled Cornea by José Güell.

Giuseppe Guarnaccia, global executive director of ESASO, enjoys watching the ‘ESASO family’ grow with the release of each new book. “Indeed, being a member of the ESASO family is rewarding for everyone from faculty members to module participants,” he said.

ESASO Course Series books are available in print and electronically. E-books are convenient as the reader can highlight important passages, set bookmarks and work on a mobile device. Keep an eye out for this series at ophthalmology events or at the Karger website (

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