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Endophthalmitis registry now online

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An online registry sponsored by ESCRS is now available for reporting endophthalmitis cases throughout Europe, Peter Barry FRCS FRCOphth FRCSI told EuroTimes. The registry can be found at .

Intended to help identify and track patterns of infectious organisms and antimicrobial resistance, the registry is available free of charge for reporting suspected infections after cataract surgery or intravitreal injections, said Dr Barry, principal investigator in the landmark ESCRS endophthalmitis study that established the efficacy of prophylactic intracameral antibiotics.

“In Europe with the widespread adoption of intracameral antibiotic prophylaxis in cataract surgery the number of endophthalmitis cases everywhere is going dramatically down, but is still there. To get some meaningful information on it we decided we would open up an ESCRS endophthalmitis registry. 

Indeed, injections may present the greater risk for patients. While the incidence of endophthalmitis per procedure is similar between cataract surgery and intraocular injections, the incidence per patient is much higher with injections at about 1:500 because they receive multiple injections, Dr Barry noted.

* A full report on the new registry will appear in the December/January issue of EuroTimes

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