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Alamedics say the ala®heavy 1.07 is an innovative, heavy oil which can be used for the treatment of inferior retinal detachments as well as persistent macula holes. 
“What has to be highlighted is the renouncement of surfactants, density enhancers or other additives. ala®heavy 1.07 is made of one single component: pure, transparent, fluorinated silicone oil,” said a company spokesman. 
“The optimised viscosity of ala®heavy 1.07 (up to 1,100 mPas) allows an easy and fast insertion and removal. Due to the density of 1.07g/cm3 the product is ‘heavier’ than water, the head-down-position becomes redundant and the chances of healing are increased,” he said.
Ala®heavy1.07 is now available in 10ml ready-for-use syringes.

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