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Santen Pharmaceutical has announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has accepted the company’s Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) filing for the use of intravitreal sirolimus, an investigational mTOR inhibitor, for the treatment of noninfectious uveitis (NIU) of the posterior segment.

So, what did you see?” I asked the most junior resident, who thought he had a retinal detachment case in the emergency room.

The divide and conquer technique of nucleofractis is the basic technique that every phaco surgeon starts their training with. It is essentially ideal for denser nuclei and is not suitable for soft nuclei where the probe may punch a hole in the capsule before the surgeon can react.

The osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (OOKP) is associated with the greatest long-term anatomical and functional success among the different approaches available. However, like all keratoprostheses, the OOKP has limitations. In particular, the complexity of the multi-staged surgery, its cost, and the need for harvesting tooth and bone are major obstacles to its more widespread use. 

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Image shows a surgeon's view through the eyepiece of a toric IOL being alligned with a markerless tracking system (Zeiss Meditec AG, Germany. Courtesy of Oliver Findl MD



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